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Girolamini. The case of the books

November 23rd | 8:30 pm

girolamini paf

Direction: Simon Köslich

Performance: Aurora Kellermann

Music: Messerbrüder – Florian Malicke and Thomas Buchenau 
Cooperation: Anna von Haebler and Lajos Talamonti

Assistance: Julie Chabilan
In German language
A robbed library in Naples, a book forgery in New York, an historical discovery in Berlin.
The events around a corrupt library director are the ideal material for a true crime story.
How do you steal thousands of books without anyone noticing? How do you forge books from the 17th century? How do you deceive the world’s best art historians?
This documentary performance is reconstructing two of the most spectacular cases in art crime of the past years and the experience of the team during the research. The quest for the truth becomes the center of the theatrical reflections around the work itself.
Based on original material the project is plunging into the world of rare books. It reflects the ties between science, passion, market and criminality.