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Richard Gonlag (1965, Assen, The Netherlands) studied acting at the University for Theatre in Arnhem, a school based on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy and the methods of Grotowski and Brecht.
Richard has been an active member of several theatre collectives, for instance Wolfsmond and Oranjehotel. For 6 years he has been director of a theatre school in Groningen. Every student could develop their own way of working in this unique concept, but the basis always was physical awareness and training – a basis to become good, flexible, interesting and authentic actors.
Based in Berlin since 2005 where he works as a freelance actor, voice talent, teacher and director. He is part of the theatre collective ProtokollB. They produce theatre and performances, give trainings and individual coaching for actors and actors-to-be.
- “We learn how to move dynamically, so we can stand still dynamically.”
At Stripped Works shows ProtokollB wald/maschinen/schlachthof-gebet